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Pyaar Zindagi Hai 1 3gp Movie Free Download

Pyaar Zindagi Hai: A Review

Pyaar Zindagi Hai (Love is Life) is a Hindi movie directed by Vijay Sadanah and starring Rajesh Khanna, Vikas Kalantri, Ashima Bhalla and Mohnish Bahl. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Aasai (Desire), which was released in 1995. The movie revolves around a widower, his two daughters and a son-in-law who has a sinister motive.

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Plot Summary

Hridaynath (Rajesh Khanna) is a retired army officer who lives with his younger daughter Priya (Ashima Bhalla) in Dehradun. His elder daughter Geeta (Asawari Joshi) is married to Major Pratap Singh (Mohnish Bahl), who is posted in Ranikhet. Geeta and Pratap have a son named Munna. Hridaynath is in debt and faces constant threats from a loan shark.

One day, Geeta and Pratap visit Hridaynath and Priya along with Munna. They inform them that Pratap has paid off Hridaynath's debt and installed a telephone in their house. Hridaynath is grateful to Pratap for his generosity. However, unknown to them, Pratap has a dark secret. He is actually in love with Priya and wants to marry her. He has also planned to kill Geeta and make it look like a heart attack.

Pratap succeeds in his plan and murders Geeta. He then convinces Hridaynath and Priya that Geeta died of natural causes. He invites them to stay with him in Ranikhet, saying that Munna needs their care. Hridaynath agrees, but Priya is reluctant. She is in love with Amit (Vikas Kalantri), who works as a photographer in Dehradun. Amit also loves Priya and wants to marry her.

Pratap tries to woo Priya by showering her with gifts and compliments. He also tries to create misunderstandings between Priya and Amit. However, Priya remains loyal to Amit and rejects Pratap's advances. Pratap becomes obsessed with Priya and decides to eliminate Amit from his way. He hires a hitman to kill Amit, but Amit survives the attack.

Amit then learns the truth about Pratap from his friend Jagat (Shahbaaz Khan), who is also an army officer. Jagat tells Amit that Pratap is a psychopath who has killed many women before Geeta. He also reveals that Pratap was responsible for the death of his own brother, who was married to Geeta's sister. Jagat advises Amit to save Priya from Pratap's clutches.

Amit rushes to Ranikhet and confronts Pratap. He also exposes Pratap's crimes to Hridaynath and Priya. Pratap denies everything and tries to kill Amit. A fight ensues between them, which ends with Pratap falling off a cliff and dying. Amit and Priya are reunited, while Hridaynath blesses them.


Pyaar Zindagi Hai is a typical Bollywood masala movie that has romance, drama, action and suspense. The movie tries to recreate the success of the original Tamil version, but fails to do justice to it. The movie suffers from poor direction, weak script, mediocre music and over-the-top performances.

The movie has many loopholes and illogical scenes that make it hard to believe. For example, how does Pratap manage to pay off Hridaynath's debt without raising any suspicion? How does he kill Geeta without leaving any evidence? How does he escape from the army court martial for his previous murders? How does he fool everyone with his fake identity?

The movie also has many clichés and stereotypes that are common in Bollywood movies of that era. For example, the villain has a pet snake that he uses to threaten his victims. The hero has a comic sidekick who provides some comic relief. The heroine has a best friend who supports her love life. The father has a heart of gold who trusts his son-in-law blindly.

The movie also has some unnecessary songs and dances that interrupt the flow of the story. The songs are composed by Bali Brahmabhatt and Jaideep Choudhury, and sung by Sonu Nigam, Jaspinder Narula, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kumar Sanu and Bali Brahmabhatt. The songs are neither catchy nor memorable, and do not suit the mood of the movie.

The movie also has some poor editing and cinematography that make it look dated and dull. The movie lacks the thrill and suspense that the original had. The movie also has some scenes that are copied from Hollywood movies like Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction.

The only saving grace of the movie is Rajesh Khanna, who plays the role of Hridaynath with dignity and grace. He is the only actor who delivers a decent performance in the movie. He brings some emotion and depth to his character, who is a loving father and a loyal friend. He also shares a good chemistry with Ashima Bhalla, who plays his daughter Priya.

Ashima Bhalla is a newcomer who makes her debut in the movie. She is pretty and charming, but lacks the acting skills and screen presence. She does not have much to do in the movie, except to look innocent and scared. She also does not have much chemistry with Vikas Kalantri, who plays her lover Amit.

Vikas Kalantri is another newcomer who makes his debut in the movie. He is handsome and smart, but lacks the charisma and personality. He does not have much to do in the movie, except to look brave and heroic. He also does not have much chemistry with Ashima Bhalla, who plays his lover Priya.

Mohnish Bahl is an experienced actor who plays the role of Pratap Singh, the main antagonist of the movie. He is a good actor, but he overacts and hams in the movie. He tries to portray a complex and twisted character, but ends up looking silly and ridiculous. He does not evoke any fear or hatred in the audience, but only laughter and pity.

The rest of the cast includes Asawari Joshi, Upasana Singh, Shahbaaz Khan, Azad Khatri and others. They play their respective roles with average or below average performances. They do not add any value or impact to the movie.


Pyaar Zindagi Hai is a movie that can be easily skipped or forgotten. It is a poor remake of a good original that has nothing new or interesting to offer. It is a waste of time and money for the audience. It is a movie that should be avoided at all costs.


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