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Naug America

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Naug America

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's special edition, "Naughty or Nice," features favorite appraisals from past seasons to satisfy everyone's wish list. Highlights include: a Temperance lithograph illustrating the evils of imbibing spirits; a letter from Gerald Ford to his kindergarten teacher who called him "naughty little Gerry Ford;" and a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like It Hot.

In Davis's case, the road to boredom is paved with good writing: ''The American Opera Singer'' starts off a bit sluggishly, just as American opera itself did, but soon picks up speed and becomes a highly readable compendium of shrewd judgments and naughty stories. He makes the most of such outsize characters as Geraldine Farrar (''She was a local girl who had won success the way Americans have always liked it: at an early age and through a rich natural endowment combined with sheer luck rather than dogged hard labor''), and, unlike many backward-looking opera buffs, he listens critically but receptively to younger singers, lavishing well-deserved praise on the impressive likes of David Daniels and Lorraine Hunt. 781b155fdc


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